Dear Delilah,

Two years ago the love of my life and I were going to move to another state together. His mother and brother talked him out of it after I bought a home for us and our animals. I still moved, hoping he would change his mind but that didn't happen. We were still talking every day but recently he stopped talking to me. It's breaking my heart. I'm going crazy wondering what I did to upset him and I cry every night. Please help me get thru this; Darin is my everything.

-Heartbroken Cindy


Dear Cindy,

Let me shine a big, bright light on this situation. The fact of the matter is if Darin wanted to be with you and living with you, you two would be together right now. It doesn't matter who tried to talk him out of it. But he's not with you, he couldn't commit to living with you, and now he's not even talking to you. Girlfriend, you need to read the road signs: He does not want to be in a loving, committed, cohabitating relationship with you. You need to brush the dust off your feet and move on. Don't grovel for him, don't chase after him. His message thru his actions is clear - he's not that into you. Walk away and allow God to bring someone into your life who will love and cherish you and be there for you.