Dear Delilah,

I expect a lot from a man and I've been seeing someone who easily meets up to those standards. But there's one problem: he's never taken me out on a real date. We've been hanging out for nine months and I feel like he spends most of his time and money going out to clubs instead of taking me out. I haven't said anything about it because I'm not the type to complain. My friends and family say I should stop seeing him but I'm not sure that's the right thing to do. What's your opinion?



Dear Lauren,

What standards do you have that are so high for this man? Get real, girlfriend. If he wanted to date you, he wouldn't be taking off and clubbing every night with his friends. That's what single guys do who don't have girlfriends or wives. If this guy cared about you, he would make you his priority and, oh I dunno, take you out on a date! And believe me, it's not complaining if you tell him it doesn't work for you to sit at home thinking about him while he goes out with his friends. That's simply setting healthy boundaries and expectations.