Thursday Thrills

A Dutch reporter filming an interview with a mayor slips off a boat and has an embarrassing splash-down. Whether or not this is real and not a fake is up for debate.







A group of Ukrainian daredevils, who earlier this year posted a breathtaking video of themselves climbing on very high and narrow things without a harness, have posted a new video that is just so hard to watch. But you will anyway because now you're very curious.



WEB SECURITY: You've Probably Been Hacked by "Heartbleed" Bug

Posted: Wednesday 08:32AM Apr. 09, 2014 PST

You've been hacked. It's a near-certainty.

A newly discovered Internet bug, dubbed "Heartbleed," has permeated up to two-thirds of the Internet. It works by invading the password-encryption software used by just about every major firm out there. Big sites such as Yahoo, Flickr and OKCupid are reportedly still vulnerable. Google, Facebook and Twitter are all apparently safe.

The worst part -- the bug has been out there for two years, and security experts just found out about it.

You can find out if other sites you use -- such as your bank or E-retailers -- are safe at

Source: Huffington Post


Two tiny little girls square off in the most adorable and hilarious judo match ever.



Men and women take a much different approach to dropping a deuce and this hilarious video shows just how different.



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