Friday Fun

Two British inventors have used their spare time to create a robot that can solve a Rubik's cube in only three seconds. David Gilday and Mike Dobson worked in the "Cubestormer 3" robot for 18 months. It now holds the Guinness world record for solving the puzzle cube.



A Wheel of Fortune player, with only two letters on the board, somehow solved an impossible puzzle and grabbed $45-thousand.



A daredevil doing a handstand on the ledge of a 40-story building is going to make you feel a queasy. 



A guy on a bicycle was hit by a passing pickup truck which was carrying a mattress. Luckily for him, the mattress flew off the truck and landed in the right place at the right time to soften his fall. And luckily for us, the entire amazing incident was caught on video. 




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