If you had to guess what women want most for Valentine's Day it would probably be either flowers, chocolate or jewelry (or a little of all three). Not according to a poll done by dating site carrotdating.com.

24 percent of the 1,372 single women surveyed said that what they want for Valentine's Day is ... drum roll ... a JUICER!

And the second most popular gift wasn't any more romantic. According to the poll, 20 percent of women would like their other halves to give them a Keurig coffee maker. Apparently appliances are good gifts after all!

Relationship expert Amy Van Doren explained that it's the gifts that capture a woman's personal interests that have the most positive reception, which is why appliances topped the list. Her advice,  "Nothing says 'I love you' better than picking a gift that demonstrates, 'I listen to you.'

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