Looking to make a little extra cash? How would you like to get paid to listen to music? It might sound too good to be true, but FianceBuzz is currently on the search for someone to do exactly that, but there are a few stipulations.

It turns out, breakup season is right around the corner. Research reveals that breakups become more common after the New Year and peak in March. That means countless couples will be calling things off over the next couple of months, and that’s where FinanceBuzz’s sad music side hustle can help.

  • The financial information site is looking for someone who’s recently gotten out of a relationship to listen to 24 hours worth of breakup songs.
  • The “DJ of Heartache” they hire will get paid $11-hundred to listen to some of the most famous breakup hits, note their reactions, and help FinanceBuzz create the ultimate breakup playlist.
  • The songs range from old-school classics to Eras-era songs and the chosen DJ will help categorize them and rate them based on how helpful they are for moving on.
  • The company estimates that it takes at least $11-hundred to get back on your feet post-breakup. They’re considering costs like paying for a subscription service you no longer share with your ex ($20 a month), the expense of the premium dating service to get back out there ($20 a month), some therapy sessions ($500) and of course, snacks ($20).
  • Interested? If you’re currently broken-hearted or just newly single and want the gig, you have until midnight ET on February 14th (Wednesday and Valentine’s Day) to apply here.
  • Applicants need to be at least 18 and the chosen DJ will have two weeks to complete the task.

Source: USA Today

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