Everyone has their favorite foods, but what do you love to eat so much, you’d be willing to eat it for the rest of your days? According to a new survey, most Americans would skip bougie meals and go for comfort food instead.

The poll of 2-thousand U.S. adults finds:

  • They’re three times more likely to pick comfort food (70%) over gourmet meals (16%) if they could only choose one for the rest of their lives.
  • So what would the perfect forever meal - one that they’d eat for the rest of their lives - be? It would start with chicken wings (45%) mozzarella sticks (33%), Caesar salad (30%) and cheesy garlic bread (28%).
  • As for entrees, pizza (39%) and burgers (29%) come out on top, followed by pasta dishes including spaghetti (23%), fettuccine alfredo (17%), or mac and cheese (16%).
  • Americans love mac and cheese so much, it’s also a favorite side dish (34%), and so are French fries (39%), mashed potatoes (36%) and baked potatoes (35%).
  • For something sweet to end their forever meal with, respondents would like ice cream (63%), cheesecake (53%), chocolate cake (46%) or a rice crispy treat (24%).
  • Nearly half of those polled prefer meat as the base of a meal (42%), followed by pasta (14%) and seafood (12%).
  • Eating the same thing every day gets old, even if it’s your favorite meal. Americans estimate they’d only be able to eat their favorite meal for eight days straight, on average, before getting sick of it.
  • But if their favorite meal was suddenly no longer easily available, 40% would be willing to take a 20-hour flight to eat it one last time, 17% would ride their bike for 300 miles and 14% would even walk 200 miles to get it.
  • Everything tastes better when enjoyed with family and if they could only eat their favorite meal one more time, 22% would want to eat it with a parent, 14% would want to share it with their child and 7% would choose to dine with their brother or sister.

Source: Talker

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